The Benefits of Video Marketing in The Education Sector

In response to the pandemic we know that many education based establishments are struggling to showcase their facilities to parents and prospective students. This is due to many restrictions regarding safety in public and social distancing. As parents don’t want to risk the health and safety of their families they are avoiding attending school social events such as open days and curriculum taster days. This means that schools cannot effectively welcome prospective students and encourage parents that their child should attend in the coming school year. 

To assist schools at this time we have adapted and innovated our services to provide COVID-19 compliant video marketing solutions. Our Videography services are perfectly suited to the new regulations as they can be produced with minimal contact and participants. This is a great advancement for schools to make as it relinquishes the need for mass events that are difficult to regulate and maintain socially distanced. We are working with schools to take their introduction process online in order to build a virtual showcase of the schools excellence. This enables schools to engage and encourage new enrolment from prospective students. Below are just a few examples of the virtual productions we have created for the schools we have worked with.

School Promotional Videos 

Case Study Videos 

Testimonial Videos 

Marketing Videos 

Head of Department Videos 

Open Day Videos 

Video Tours 

Social Media Videos

 Online Learning Content  

Teacher and Student Interviews 

Live Performance Capture 

Teacher Recruitment Videos

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Widespread Audience

Let’s look at this in a real life situation. If a school hall can accommodate approximately 200 people for an open day with COVID-19 measures in place, this is more like 75-100 attendees. Now let’s look at the capacity capabilities online, thats right there aren’t any. When you put all of your information online you can reach a much larger audience and use less resources. By removing physical limitations you can also target those who wouldn’t have been able to access the information regardless of the current restrictions. This would also be at a time that suits them which is great, as storing information on a virtual platform means that it can be accessed at any time and be referred back to.

The Long Term Cutting Of Costs

Traditional marketing methods within the education sector have utilised glossy print media in order to showcase a schools facilities and accreditations. However these become outdated every year and require additional expenditure to update. The benefit of video marketing is that the footage has a much longer lifespan so it remains current for longer

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Showcase The Values And Ethos Of Your School

The power of video makes it much easier to show the passion of staff in a school and how they demonstrate the ethos and core values. Rather than having prospective learners and parents read about the school you can engage them with a short film. Video offers schools the ability to show emotion and character like no other form of media. This means that you will have a higher rate of engagement and the prospective pupils and parents will also feel connected to staff members before they’ve even joined the school

Future-proofing operations

The effects of the pandemic have caused many organisations around the world to change how they operate and communicate to their target audience. The education sector has been hit with closures and strict guidelines to help control the spread of the virus. The benefit of introducing video marketing is that you are future proofing your schools marketing strategy and investing in marketing that is not restricted by the new measures. This will ensure that your marketing budget isn’t being wasted and deliver long term cost savings.

The Impact Of Video Marketing

Let’s take a look at some marketing statistics to see how people interact and respond to videos online.

90% Of People Say That Video Helps In Their Decision Making Process

When researching schools parents and students generally base their decisions on the school that ticks all the boxes of their educational needs. We know from studies that video marketing can influence a viewer’s decision making process. This means that your school will be at a distinct advantage over competing schools in your catchment area that don t utilise video marketing as part of their recruitment strategy.

80% of People Can Recall Video Content They Have Viewed In The Past Week

It is proven that visual stimulus engages the brain more than written text. In a recent study it was shown that of people could recall video content that they had seen that week. Having video content that showcases your schools ethos values and curriculum puts it firmly in the mind of a parent for a longer period of time.

92% Of People Say That They Are More Likely To Share Video Content Over Text Content

In business terms your target market isn’t as much the prospective pupils but the parents as they make the final decision and influence the child’s preference. Statistics show that UK mums spend over 2 hours per day on social media. This is the ideal demographic to target for video marketing as it is an easily shareable form of content. One important factor for parents to consider when making school applications is keeping children with their friends. This presents a great opportunity for schools as one parent is likely to share content with the parents of her child’s friends. So instead of gaining one child application you could have a further 3 or more without even having to share the video yourselves. Word of mouth is a great free value marketing tool and once a video is out there it has an unlimited reach.

How Will Your Staff Benefit From Video Marketing?

In a school environment, the staff are just as important as the students. We have already explored the benefits gained when a school utilises video marketing but what about the benefits to staff?

Time Saving

Schools have a range of options to recruit students but the most effective method is Open and Curriculum days. These events take a full day of staffs time to execute and it’s likely that it takes a day or more to plan. For many schools these are conducted at the weekends and regularly involve working unsociable hours. There can also be a large element of repetition as staff are tasked with presenting the same or similar curriculum content to different year groups. By using video staff can record their presentations in advance and use them for each group every year. The content can also be hosted on the schools website allowing it to be accessed at any time. This offers staff the ability to work more efficiently without the need of sacrificing their personal free time in order to present at events.

Spot On Scripting

Teachers may be a pro at talking in front of students but events with parents can sometimes be daunting. With video you can use a teleprompter to ensure that a perfect performance is delivered every time. This removes any room for error pre-event nerves and any on the spot slip-ups.

Inclusion of Additional Resources

Using video offers schools the use of creative overlays and animated text to help aid explanation and provide a better visual stimulus. This could also be a great way to showcase student work or Ofsted performance statistics about your school.

Training Material For New Staff

If you have video resources pre-filmed for training purposes these can be used as part of the induction process for new starters. This offers both a cost and time-effective way to get new staff acclimated and integrated into the school.

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