6 Reasons why testimonial videos work for businesses


In today’s digital world there are a lot of options for businesses to consider when seeking to advertise themselves. This offers a great opportunity to showcase their products and services to a wide audience. But how do you determine which form of advertising is right for you, and will it generate a return on your investment and deliver you quality leads that will convert into sales.

What is a Testimonial Video and do you need one?

 So picture this scenario. You’ve gone into your bathroom to take a shower and you notice that your boiler has broken down as the water is running cold. You know that calling out a Plumber is going to be an expensive but necessary option. You’ve also got the proverbial 2.4 children, a wife and it’s 7 am and the school run awaits. So there’s also a time pressure on you as everyone needs to use the shower. As you’ve never had a Boiler break down on you before you turn to Google and are faced with several Plumbing companies that are either in or service your area but who do you choose? Before making that decision most people will generally consider the following factors:

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. How long will it take to repair?
  3. Do you offer a guarantee on your work?
  4. How good is your service?
  5. Are you registered, qualified and Insured?

As this is likely to be a costly service you decide to ask a family member if they can recommend a reputable registered plumber in your area who they’ve used before and thankfully they know of someone.

A testimonial video is effectively the online video equivalent of that family member who gave you the number. When you speak to a company about how good their service is I’m sure that 10out of every 10 business owners are going to say that it’s fantastic, and who could blame them. Think how valuable it is to be able to hear the experience of someone who’s used a company that helped them to solve a problem that you’re currently experiencing.

So whenever I’m asked do businesses need testimonial videos? The answer is always resounding yes.

For you to be reading this article it’s likely that you’re considering having some testimonial video content created for your website and social media platforms. So I’m going to give you:

6 Reasons why Testimonial videos work for businesses

1) Consumer trust increases conversions

The dawn of the Internet has drastically changed the way that consumers buy products and choose companies to work with. Recommendations have never been so popular as they are today with websites such as Tripadvisor which host over 730 million consumer reviews.

People are more discerning and want to vet a company or service by looking at examples of their work and viewing feedback from previous customers. Hotspot recently reported that 70% of web users that they surveyed trusted online reviews. That’s a really powerful statistics when you consider it because the people that were surveyed believed the testimony of reviewers that they didn’t even know. To the point of feeling comfortable enough to make a purchase off the back of their endorsement.

This gives businesses a huge opportunity to create authentic video content that helps customers to feel comfortable and informed enough to buy.

A good example of this is an Experience video that we created for the Atrium Hotels Group in Rhodes, Greece. They wanted to attract holidaymakers from all around the world to book stays at their luxurious 5* Resort and Spa. They needed to have a video for their website homepage that would captivate their visitors imaginations. And make them feel the ambience and atmosphere of the hotel in order to entice them to book a stay. Their previous video comprised of static shots of the hotel facilities but didn’t have any people in it, which made it difficult for viewers to feel emotionally connected after watching.

Research has shown that websites, which host videos on their homepage are 20% more likely to convert visitors into buyers. So by not having one could put you at a distinct disadvantage against your competitors that do.

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2) Testimonial videos spark emotions

As many of us know we’ve all made impulse decisions where our emotions were the primary reason for our actions. How many times have you performed a spur of the moment purchase of something that you didn’t need or set out to buy? Simply because you felt to do so, at that precise moment in time. Now imagine if you could influence a person to do that for your business, service or product.

When it comes to capturing hearts and minds video is the clear winner over written content. That’s not to say that the aforementioned isn’t a valuable marketing tool, but when you consider the pros and cons video in the main will come out on top.

With video it’s easier and quicker to create an emotional connection with the viewer as the reading of text can take longer to process and interpret.

We also need to take the biology of the human brain into account, as there are neuroscientific reactions that take place when we experience emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear and excitement. Once triggered these can influence a person to take action. Please take a moment to watch this 30 second video and note how it makes you feel.


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After watching that video there’s a strong possibility that you are feeling a sense of warmth, happiness and love. But why? Well it’s widely known that the UK is a nation of animal lovers with 44% of people having a pet in the home. That equates to 51 million pets being owned according to a study commissioned by the RSPCA. So the probability of you being one of those animals lovers is pretty high and could be used as a vehicle to market products, services and brands to you.

3) Using testimonial videos to convert leads

The aim of any marketing strategy is to convert prospective customers into paying ones. And testimonial videos are great for giving social proof and confidence to viewers who are in the research stage of their journey.

These types of videos are a marketing tool that are utilised by some of the biggest brands in the world such as: Sony, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Barclays and Samsung, to name a few. These companies invest millions into this form of advertising because they know through vigorous market research that it works and delivers a healthy return on their investment. But can that strategy be applied to small and medium sized businesses? Thankfully, the answer is yes and relatively cheaply if it’s done correctly.

We recently created a testimonial video for Barry McVeigh the founder of The Moving Body in Balham, South West London. He offers a variety of Osteopathic treatments for everyday workers, performers and professional athletes. Osteopathy can often be viewed as a treatment that causes patients to feel pain so he was keen to dispel that perception and show the range of treatments that he offers. So he enlisted the help of one of his long-standing patients, performer and Dancer Kate to give her experience of being treated by Barry and how he’s helped her. The video was used on the Moving Body’s website and social media platforms and has attracted a sizable amount of positive feedback and views.


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4) Videos get shared

How many times have you watched a video online and tagged a friend or family member onto it or shared it to your followers? It’s highly likely that you’ve done this several times in the past and maybe even today as the average video on Facebook gets shared 89.5 times. It’s also been proven that a Video is 12x more likely to be shared than text and photographic posts combined.

We recently experienced the power of Facebook video shares ourselves when we were commissioned by Anti Knife crime organization Knives Down Gloves Up. The organization was founded by Essex based Paul Kavanagh. He wanted to create a documentary style interview video like Channel 4’s 24 Hours in Police custody series. The video was an interview with Sharon Kendall, a mother who tragically lost her son when he was the victim of an unprovoked knife attacked. Knives Down Gloves Up wanted to use their platform to allow her to tell her story to create awareness and warn young people of the consequences of gang culture. The video has been live on the Knives Down Gloves Up Facebook page for the past week and below are the shares and views statistics for what it’s received so far.



4) Videos offer higher engagement and retention rates

It’s often said that video has a higher viewer retention rate when compared to text based content. They also tend to stick in our minds better when you consider the emotional and biologically reasons that have been mentioned above. 80% of social media users are able to recall a video that they’ve seen within the past month. Which presents a great opportunity for your message to be seen, heard and most importantly remembered.

The key to making your video marketing sticky is creative storytelling with visually pleasing shots and a strong call to action. By adding animated text and subtitles alone could be the difference between someone viewing your video and them clicking off. The reason for this is that 85% of Facebook users opt to watch videos without sound.

As most millennials consume media on the go on their mobile devices it’s important to ensure that your videos are catering to as many people as possible. By looking at your website analytics you can find out the time of day that your viewers are visiting. From there you can begin to build a demographic profile to see how best you can market to them. For instance, if you see that your website receives spikes in traffic between 7 am – 8:45 am it’s likely that you are being searched for by people who are commuting to work on public transport. So for them a video with subtitles and closed captions would be more likely to be watched from start to finish than a video without.

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It’s also important to consider the length of your videos so that you can increase your chances of your video being watched in full and landing your message. See below some useful video length retention rate statistics.

6) Search engines Love video

You’ve likely heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) bandied around but what does it mean and why is it important? SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to receive organic and unpaid traffic from search engines. The web is an incredibly busy landscape and it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to stand out and be found. Search engines such as Google are continually changing their search algorithm so that businesses have to spend huge sums of money on advertising in order for them to be at the top of the search results. It will come as no surprise that companies who can consistently dominate the top spots on Google enjoy 10 times more traffic than those further down the rankings according to a report by Ideaengineinc.com.

But thankfully there are a number of things that business owners can do in order to gain free traffic to their websites, and video arguably sits at the top of that list.

By having video content on your website you can drastically improve your ranking on the search results. Websites are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if they feature a video on their homepage.

Google’s search engine is constantly on the hunt for relevant high-quality content to serve back on results for its browser’s. When your website receives a visitor Google’s web crawlers track how that person has interacted with your site and crucially how long they chose to stay. Time on site is a very useful measure as that helps to determine whether a site has provided a good user experience to its visitors.

If your website is retaining people for longer than your competition, Google is likely to deem it a credible site. And as such, display it more frequently and higher up on page results. As we’ve seen, video offers the stickiest form of marketing and retains viewers better than text and static images. It’s also more likely to have a better level of engagement i.e. Likes, comments and shares. So having well produced video content featured on your homepage could save you money on costly search engine adverting and improve your site ranking and quality score.


If you’ve made it this far you should hopefully be sold on the value of having a testimonial video for your business. We’ve discussed the potential sales growth opportunities that video can bring if you have the right content created.

So naturally, your next question is where can I find a reputable London based Video Production Company with great client reviews?

Well, fortunately, you’re in luck as we have some fantastic 5* Star Google reviews from previous happy customers who have used our Videography services.

We also have a varied portfolio of work so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss some concepts for your business.